Best Yogurt for Your Health

HASBIHTC – Less is more, is the basic notion that you need to put on mind to plan your healthy lifestyle with yogurt. Among the family of the healthy food menu selection, yogurt is the one probably not on the top list but still could be categorized as the tricky one. Why is that? Because we can find it easily, you can find yogurt any kind on the different varieties and fruit taste additions on the nearby convenient store. When we can find it easily often we lightly consider the appropriate way to consume it to make it categorized as the healthy food.

Best Yogurt

Consume it too much is not good, it applied for everything. Extreme is always lead on the unpredictable result, we agree on this term. As many already talked on about yogurt as a healthy snack choice, consider it as a snack so consume it during break time before the main course or meal time is a good thing. Yogurt as breakfast selection is good too, recommend mostly because of the high vitamins, calcium and protein on it but served in light way. But inhale yogurt in big portion, without consider the time and meal time also could lead you to have indigestion problem. So always do in appropriate way.

Plain, unsweetened varieties are the best. Yogurt with minimal ingredients without any added sugar whether low or full-fat yogurt is the most recommended one. The full-fat or the low one is based on your personal choice, full-fat contain more calories, but that does not mean unhealthy. Make sure to stick with the recommendation of portion size.

Aim for the brand that served yogurt with live and active cultures, the probiotics. For this one YUMMY could be your best choice, YUMMY Greek Yoghurt is the one that meet with the less is good notion.

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