Nama – nama Organisasi Olahraga INTERNASIONAL

Nah Kali ini saya Akan Posting Mengenai Nama – nama Organisasi Olahraga INTERNASIONAL Dimana sebelumya saya sudah menulis mengenai Nama-nama Organisasi Olahraga Dindonesia Indonesia Lansung Saja silahakan dibaca Nama-nama Organisasi Olahraga INTERNASIONAL

Nama-nama Organisasi Olahraga INTERNASIONAL

1. FIBA : Federation Internatinal de Basket Ball amatur
2. FIFA : Federation Of International Fottbool Asociation
3. FIG : Federation Internatinal de Gymnastique
4. IAAF : International Amateur Atletik Federation
5. IABA : International Amateur Boxxin Association
6. IBF : International Badminton Federation
7. IBF : International Boxing Federation
8. ILTA : International Lawn Tennis Association
9. ISF : International Softball Federation
10.ITTF : International Teble Tennis Federation
11.IVBF : International De Vollyball Federation
12.IYRU : International Yach Racing Union
13.OPBF : Orien Pasific Boxing Federation
14.WBA : Word Boxing Association
15.WBC : Word Boxing Commision
16.WBF : Word Badminton Federation
17.WBO : Word Boxing Organisation

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